Who We Are

The Tennessee Gas Association, established in 1962, is a non-profit association created by and for the natural gas distribution systems across the State.  TGA offers members opportunities to enhance their professional careers, company operations and industry contacts thru various conferences and training sessions throughout the year.  TGA is governed by of a Board of Directors made up of member employees from across the State.  Employing our own lobbyist gives TGA’s membership a collaborative voice in legislative arenas as we advocate for the future of natural gas in Tennessee.

Mission Statement
Promoting the value of the natural gas industry in Tennessee.

Improving the quality of life, the environment and the economy of Tennesseans through responsible use of natural gas.

Core Values: Promote, Advocate, Collaborate & Educate

  • Promote: Sponsor advertising and other public awareness programs that promote the sale and safe use of natural gas and its related appliances, equipment and services.
  • Advocate: Proactively seek to create public goodwill towards natural gas and the natural gas industry through maintaining an active presence and advocacy in legislature, regulatory and public forums.
  • Collaborate: Facilitate programs and conferences that provide Association members with the opportunity to share experiences and develop new ideas that will improve the vitality and success of their respective enterprise while fostering a policy of strict compliance with the letter and spirit of all State and Federal anti-trust laws.
  • Educate: Provide training opportunities to members of the Association related to the safe, efficient, and cost effective construction and operation of natural gas distribution that enhance members’ management and customer service effectiveness.

TGA Member Classifications

TGA has 5 member classifications representing over 400 employees sharing the same goal of furthering the success of natural gas in the State of Tennessee.  More detailed information on each member classification can be found by clicking on the links below.